The Cyclades islands are the most popular group of Greek islands in the Aegean Sea.

The name of this group comes from the Greek word cyclos, which means around, around the sacred island of Delos that was an important religious Centre in the ancient times.

Paros is situated in the center of the Cyclades and it's the birthplace of 56 isles beer.

paros beach

Even if I Wander Around all Lands only This Do I Love

Odysseas Elytis

paros sea urchins

The Sea, The Sea, WHo Will Be Able to Drain It Dry?

George Seferis

paros folk dance56 isles pilsner on a boat56 isles pilsner and wit on the dock

I MiGHT AS well SAY that I BELieVe ThINgs WIll AlwayS ENduRe IF theY are True

Aris Konstantinidis

paros churchparos goatparos mill56 isles ipa sailing on a boatparos landscapeparos fish

Paros drone video curtesy of @pavlosphotography

Photos by Sotris Koutsiaftis & Stavros Niflis