OUR Story


We are in the heart of the beautiful Cyclades. NiCoLAs, Paros born and MARInOs, a lover of the island.

In 2014 we founded 56 ISLES BeeR, also known as Paros Microbrewery.

In the first months of 2016 the final stage of production was completed and the first beer, a light pilsner, was released to the highly anticipating Paros market.
It became our famous signature BluE BoTTle PilSNeR.

The success of our pilsner made us win Great Taste Award in 2017 and pushed us to brew our second beer: The AEgEAn WiT, using local sourced materials. Truly Parian at heart.

The following years the SeSSiON InDIA PalE AlE and the ParIaNI LAgeR completed our dream team.

In 2022 we finally opened our TAPrOOm in Naoussa, Paros.